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RS232 tap

Art.No.: 1002
RS232 tap
RS232 diagnostic tool

Manufacturer: halec
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RS232 tap

With this RS232 diagnostic tool you can find protocol errors in the communication between two devices.

RS232 tap can be plugged into a RS232 data connection and does not affect it (connectors DTE and DTC).

Data being sent from DTE or DTC, respectively, can then be tapped at the connectors DTE-tap and DTC-tap.

All signals incl. shield can be disconnected individually and comfortably via DIP switch and tapped at the pin header on both sides.

To reduce interference of communication in difficult cases as far as possible, even the traces leading to the tap connectors DTE-tap and DTC-tap can be disconnected individually.

All traces are labeled with

  • pin number
  • sending/receiving direction
  • name of signal
eliminating the need to look everything up in tables.

All connectors are labelled accordingly.

There are two separate GND terminals.